Charlie Zahm


I first met Charlie Zahm at a concert at one of the East of the Hebrides Midwinter Scottish and Irish Music Festivals.  I loved his music and bought this cd of Robert Burns songs.  Shortly after that he started his Facebook profile, and I asked to friend him so I could keep up with his music.  Because of that, I was able to go to another festival and hear him sing, and between songs, he looked out and gave me a shout out for friending him.  I had met him briefly, but did not expect him to remember me at all.  Over the years, I feel like I have gotten to actually be his friend.  I say that to tell you that Charlie is not just an incredibly talented musician, but he is a really great guy.  If you have the opportunity to go hear him, you should.  His schedule is packed with shows all over the Eastern USA.  In addition he leads a tour to Scotland which my friend Donna went on. She liked it so much that she is going back again this year.

I am adding Charlie’s tour dates to the Events page, so make sure to check them out.

Here is Charlie’s YouTube Channel

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