Central Pennsylvania Kilt Con!!


This is the Second year that I am sponsoring a KiltCon.  The folks at Life in A Kilt,  came up with this idea last year to celebrate Tartan Day, which is April 6th every year. There are large celebrations all over the country on that day, with the largest in New York City.

(Tartan Day is a remembrance of the Declaration of Arbroath.  The declaration was a sent to the Pope declaring the nation of Scotland’s indepence from England.)

Most people can’t take off and go to NYC to the big parade, So they planned a get together and then they started to promote the idea of a widespread event. Here are their instructions for hosting your own KiltCon!

I got on board and hosted an event at McCleary’s Public House last year.

This year I got my friend James Diener involved in helping me plan it

This is James.  He is awesome!

He suggested we approach William Wrede of the Meduseld Meadery.    William was excited about this and rapidly enlisted the Ogham Stones  to play for our event.

I was at the Rose and Shamrock Festival, and met Chris from American Highlander Kilt. I asked him if he would like to vend and he was immediately interested and is planning to be there with an array of Kilts and related gear for sale for those who would like to buy them.

This is going to be an outstanding event!  Make sure you put it on your calendar now!  It’s not to be missed!

The facebook event page is here! 

The Ogham Stones Event page is here!

Meduseld Meadery’s facebook page is here!

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