Scottish Sword Fighting!

I think that all of us have seen sword fighting in some older swashbuckling movies and had the thought, “I’d like to learn how to do that!” Well now you can do that

For some time now I have been following a group of historical Scholars that are loosely associated under the name HEMA. HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. To help you understand some more about it, here is a link to more information about HEMA

There has been a group around for a long while called Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA. Unlike HEMA is more an attempt at creating the whole experience of life in previous time periods. Many times in SCA, the sword fighting seems to be a combination of old equipment with modern fencing and eastern sword fighting. I don’t have personal experience with SCA, but it sounds fun. Unlike SCA, HEMA just goes back to original documents of swordmasters and attempts to recreate the methods they taught with a focus on really understanding just the martial aspect of things, while the SCA adds in things like weaving and cooking, etc.

My particular interest is Scottish sword fighting. In order to share that love, here is a series of videos that you can follow and learn with.

This series of videos is from a Youtube Channel called Broadsword Academy Manitoba. The actual name of the school is Winnipeg Historical Fencing Club. The YouTube Channel is full of great teaching info. Here is just a little taste for you, to whet your appetite!

Here is the first video from Broadsword Academy Manitoba
Here is the second video from
Broadsword Academy Manitoba
Third video
The 4th video
The fifth video
The sixth video

There will be more of this series posted and add another post. in addition, I will post some other resources. For instance, there is another video series on Scottish Dirk Fighting which I will find and post for you, as well as links to books you could buy and links to the equipment you might need.

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