The Octorara Covenanter Church

The Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Foundation is dedicated to preserving and restoring the first church built by Presbyterian Covenanter refugees from Scotland and Ulster.

Here are some articles about the Covenanters.

The local high school (Bart Township) met in the building for a number of years.

The Foundation owns great deal of historical material and a lot of artifacts about the history of Southern Lancaster County and the Presbyterian church in the early Colonies.  We would like to make a museum out of the old Church to display these things.

The old Church has some serious structural challenges that we are working to overcome.  The main one right now is the condition of the foundation.  In colonial times, no one gave a lot of thought to planning for storm water runoff.  Water has run under the foundation and undermined the foundation.  The structure has been stabilized with pylons and we are raising money with fundraisers to complete an new foundation and grading with landscaping to direct water around the foundation.  Here are some pictures of the old church.

The recent repairs to the cemetery wall!  An anonymous donor helped us with this

View from route 372 (Valley Rd.)

View from up the hill.  This is the wall that the water has undermined.

Sign in the front

Historic Marker

The Washington Memorial Pipe Band Playing during one of our Scottish Festivals

View from the side during a festival with pipers from WMPB.  Note the wall before the reconstruction

Another view of the WMPB performance.

The Bart Township High School room.


Here are two articles that I have found online about our history.


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